Meet the Museum's trustees.

On behalf of the patrons and staff, the Museum would like to acknowledge the Board of Trustees for their thoughtful support of the Katonah Museum of Art. The Trustees, as a board or through Board committees, set policies relating to spending, management, governance, professional standards, investment, and grant making. They also oversee the internal and external auditors, select the president and officers.

Board of Trustees

Vida Foubister


Craig Intinarelli

Vice President

Mike Davies


Ellen Grimes


Gail Bryan

Chris Burdick*

Ellen Calves*

Tara Coniaris

Michelle Yun Mapplethorpe*

Amy Parsons

Thomas Rom

Julie Rosenberg*

Emily Sarokin

James S. Snyder

Alyson Williams

Richard Zinman

Board of Trustees Emeriti

Mary Lou Alpert

Inge Brown

Virginia L. Gold

La Ruth Hackney Gray

Donald J. Herdrich

Betty Himmel

Victoria F. Morris

Deborah Mullin

Linda Nordberg

Yvonne S. Pollack

Rochelle C. Rosenberg

Joan Safir

Rebecca Samberg